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Our mission is to provide fresh and healthy food for the community through sustainable and ethical practices that contribute to the well-being of the environment and the diversity of organisms occupying it. 
We believe in providing people with the educational tools that allow them to confidently grow their own garden and understand the importance of occupying a space with the well-being of the planet in mind.


Little Window Farm is located on  30 acres outside of Ottawa, Ontario. Most of the property is covered in a thick forest dominated mainly by white cedar. However, bit by bit, the area is being transformed into a healthy, diverse food/fuel/fiber forest. 
There is about 5 acres of clear field space, which is home to our 1/2 acre market garden where we grow all our produce for the near by community. This is also where we keep our 30, happy, free ranging, egg producing chickens, and busy honey bees.


Little Window Farm is the combination of a tall red head, a wild westerner, and a never ending energy ball of a hound! Dustin, a well travelled lad, was born and raised in the surrounding Ottawa area, and Emalie sprouted from Southern Oregon. After driving across the country, not once, twice, three, four, but five times, we landed here, in Kemptville. Over the years we've been travelling and educating ourselves in permaculture and organic farming so that one day we could pull together all our experience and knowledge to create and run a small, ecologically beneficial, permaculture inspired farm.

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