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(Opportunities may be limited due to COVID-19 restrictions)



Little Window Farm is offering a space this growing season for some folks to come and experience farm life! This includes a lot of work outside, fresh food from the garden on a daily basis, some really great educational opportunities, and not to mention just some good ol’ summer fun! 

Here’s the deal- you come and live here on the farm with us for at least two weeks this season. You can stay in a tent on our tent platform (you are also welcome to hammock, rv or stay in your trailer - whatever suits you!). We ask that you help us with our daily farm tasks and projects for about 35 hrs a week. 


Some of the tasks, projects and fun activities you might be involved in: 

· Plant, harvest, wash and pack veggies for market and CSA customers

· Attend Farmer’s Market and assist with selling produce and chatting with customers

· Weed and prepare garden beds

· Feed and water chickens, clean out coop, collect, wash, and pack eggs

· Clear trails, prepare ground and plant trees to develop a food/fuel/fibre forest

· Help with the building of an aquaponic green house

  • Assist in building a new chicken coop and run

· Help with the building of a cool room (a refrigerated room, but it will be pretty cool too!)

· Play darts, washers, frisbee, board games, footbag/hacky sack, soccer…

· Cook fresh food and have delicious BBQs

· Attend farm work parties with our friends and community

On workdays, we’ll make you lunch and dinner using as much of our own produce from the farm as possible! You’re on your own for breakfast and your days off. 

You have at least two days off a week! Here are some fun activities you can do while you’re in the area! 


The farm is:

· 300m from the Rideau River where people like to canoe, kayak, fish and swim 

· 6 minutes from Rideau River Provincial Park and Ferguson Forest Center - both have lots of trails to explore!

· 7 minutes from Andrewsville Bridge and locks – a beautiful place to go for a picnic and to watch boats go through the locks.

· 12 minutes from Kemptville - This is our closest town. It has some standard big box stores, a pretty old main street, and a good amount of shops, grocery stores, restaurants/pubs, cafes, library, etc.

· 14 minutes from Baxter Conservation Center- more trails and outdoor space

· 18 min from quaint Merrickville – a very pretty old main street with lots of tourist shops and restaurants here 

· 40 minutes from the center of Ottawa - lots of shops, biking and hiking trails, restaurants, music and other summer events

· 45 minutes from Gatineau, Quebec – tons of cafes, restaurants, shops, and beautiful views AND a big casino if you’re into that sort of thing J

· 56 min from BEAUTIFUL Gatineau Park with loads of good hiking trails- totally worth the trek

· And of course, you’re welcome to stick around the farm, walk the trails, carve a spoon, read a book, drink some tea and relax! 


We’re looking for people who have a sincere interest and enthusiasm in this kind of lifestyle. It is definitely hard work, but entirely rewarding. Obviously any past farming, gardening, animal husbandry, permaculture and building experience is a major BONUS-but not necessarily required. 


Give us a shout if you're interested! 



Have any questions? Shoot us an email, or give us a call!

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