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Here We Go

Here we go. First year of farming for ourselves has officially begun. The grass is bright, buds are bursting, and the birds, foxes and frogs are making themselves known again. It's scary business, farming for yourself. We've spent years and many seasons farming for others, taking the courses, and reading the books, but now that we're completely dependent on our own abilities, well, it's a bit nerve racking. However, it is also incredibly exciting! This is what we've been working towards. Almost everything we did was working up to this moment and the moments that follow. Here we go. This season we're farming an intensive 1/4 acre. Dustin is still working another job in town, so it's mainly me managing the farm during the week! I've worked on a lot of farms, but I have a feeling, this is going to be totally different. Wish me luck!

If you wanna talk to us in person, you can find us at the Kemptville Farmer's Market on Sundays, 12-4 and the Merrickville Midweek Market Wednesdays 3-6! We are also happy to have folks come visit the farm! Just give us a shout and we'll be happy to walk you around the property and show you what we got going on! We believe that as customers you should feel really confident when buying your food from us. That's why we have no problem telling you exactly what practices we follow on the farm. This is a good time to say that we are not certified organic. However, we do not apply any pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, or really any 'cides' on the farm. We use 'organic' products, but are simply not certified. However, if there comes a time when you, the customer finds it really important for us to have a certification, then that is something we will strongly consider when the time comes. Until then, we are transparent. Ask us anything. We currently have 27 chickens residing at Little Window Farm. 24 of those chickens are egg-laying hens! These hens are given an organic chicken feed, and lots of yummy food scraps. They free-range within a large area protected by an electric poultry fence. Like we said, the foxes are out. Please give us a call if you wish to come by to pick up some eggs or any other produce we have available! Happy Growing!

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