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Food, Ordering, CSA-ish

It's officially summer and the farm is growing lots of veggies!... and weeds. We finally got our first round of everything planted and the irrigation hooked up, which was a huge relief!

We've been attending the Kemptville and Merrickville farmer's markets and it's been great getting out into the community and meeting people who are so excited about local fresh food! If you haven't been to a market yet, we highly suggest it! There's food, music, artisans, and farmer's- it's a lot of fun!

We're at the point where we have enough veggies and flowers that delivering to folks is an option for those of you who maybe can't make it out to the markets! The website is constantly being updated, and we're trying to find the easiest way for customers to put in orders. If you have any suggestions or requests, we're happy to hear from you! Until we get a easy online ordering system set up-please shoot us an email or give us a call and we'll be happy to take your order and deliver some fresh harvested food/flowers to your door and or office!

Until next time, enjoy the sun and long days!

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